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Lynn woman takes foreclosure fight to DC

Lynn resident Katia Carvalho came to the United States from Brazil 18 years ago for a better life for her and her two children.

She bought her first house in Lynn in 2003, working hard to save the money for a down-payment. After paying the mortgage for many years, she fell behind when the economy got bad and her hours at her job were cut. At this point, Carvalho said, her mortgage was sold from one bank to another.

“Finally a government agency sold my mortgage to a company in Texas that I never heard of,” Carvalho said. “That company is called Lone Star. I can’t understand why they would sell the mortgage at a discount to this company. Why wouldn’t they help me instead? I want to keep my home. I work two jobs and I can make payments. But this company, Lone Star, is not giving me any options.”READ MORE

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